Verdant Works Museum

Thursday 11 January 2024

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verdant works museum dundee
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verdant works museum dundee
verdant works museum dundee
verdant works museum dundee
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verdant works museum window
We’ve lived here six years and still hadn’t gotten around to visiting Verdant Works but this month Dundee Goes Free so it seemed a shame to miss out. As part of the offer you can visit Discovery Point too - you just need to bring proof of address with photo ID for 1 in every 2 adults in your party. (DD1-DD5 postcodes only.)

Verdant Works is a world class visitor attraction which tells the story of Dundee’s industrial textile heritage in the atmospheric setting of a beautifully refurbished Mill building. Hear the tales of the mill workers, see how they lived and worked in an industry which enveloped Dundee. Explore this amazing building, see (and hear) the machines at work, and step back to a time where the Mills were the heart of Dundee.

The museum takes you on a journey through the textile process - history, technology, global connections, and more. There are interactive elements, activities for children, and short films to watch throughout.

The social history is fascinating, I remember learning about the Broadford Works textile factory in Aberdeen when I was at school but this is so much more immersive. From the tiny classroom to the home and leisure exhibits it really brings the history to life.

At the end of the museum route, you’ll find the beautiful high mill with intricate ceiling structures. The architecture alone is worth visiting for, as soon as you’re inside the museum courtyard it’s like being transported back in time.

There’s a wee museum shop and cafe too. We didn’t stop on this occasion but they did used to have some vegan options so we’ll have to check back soon. If you’re wondering how long to allow when planning a visit, I’d say you would easily spend a couple of hours in the museum. At a push, you could whizz around it in an hour if you have a packed schedule on a day trip!

Tickets usually cost £14 for an adult and free for under 16s but your ticket gives you a free annual pass allowing you to return as often as you like for the next 12 months at no extra cost. You can also purchase a joint admission ticket to include Discovery point. If you’re visiting both I would recommend Verdant Works first, as it will help you appreciate what you’ll see at the Discovery Dome.

You’ll find verdant works at West Henderson’s Wynd, DD1 5BT

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