Discovery Point + RRS Discovery

Tuesday 16 January 2024

rrs discovery dundee skyline
discovery point museum
discovery point ship building museum
rrs discovery aboard the ship
rrs discovery aboard the ship sunset
rrs discovery aboard the ship
rrs discovery aboard the ship
discovery point gaia globe dome
discovery dome projection
discovery dome 360 view of the city
It had been ages since we last properly visited the Discovery Point but since it’s Dundee Goes Free month we thought we’d pop in and see what’s new. As part of the offer you can visit Verdant Works too - you just need to bring proof of address with photo ID for 1 in every 2 adults in your party. (DD1-DD5 postcodes only.)

Discovery Point is home to RRS Discovery. This award-winning visitor attraction tells the story of the iconic ship ‘Discovery’ from her beginnings in Dundee, her amazing Antarctic expedition with Captain Scott and her voyages and uses thereafter. Through extensive galleries, video and film shows, interactives and artefacts, Discovery Point is a fascinating visitor attraction which appeals to all ages.

The last time we visited was for Art Night, which was a very different experience with music being played on the ship after hours! The museum was buzzing on this occasion too, as locals make the most of the free entry. First off you take a journey through the museum to learn all about the history of the ship’s design, build, crew, and voyages.

Next, you can climb aboard the ship and explore all the levels to see the crews’ quarters, engine room and more. It’s a bit of a maze below deck and really gives you a sense of how it would have been to be part of the expeditions. As you climb to the upper deck you can imagine being out at sea as you look across the Tay.

Since its recent refurbishment, the main update is the Discovery Dome in the top of the Discovery Point. We took the spiral staircase up with its futuristic feeling blue lights, and came face to face with the impressive suspended globe - ‘Gaia’ - by Luke Jerram. The show begins with a climate crisis introduction then turns to the past with an incredible 360 projection on screens at the windows of how the city was once filled with smoking factory chimneys. Afterwards the screens retract to reveal the current skyline. Just a wee note that it was absolutely roasting up here so it may be worth bringing a bottle of water so you don’t feel you have to rush the experience.

It’s been lovely to start the year visiting some of Dundee’s most popular tourist spots, especially when the days are short and you’re looking for indoor activities.
You’ll find Discovery Point & RRS Discovery at Riverside Drive, DD1 4XA

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