The Nourish Takeout Co. Fitness Food

Tuesday 5 September 2023

the nourish takeout co dundee vegan box
the nourish takeout co dundee nethergate
the nourish takeout co dundee menu
the nourish takeout co dundee interior
the nourish takeout co dundee vegan shakes
the nourish takeout co dundee vegan cookies and cream smoothie
The Nourish Takeout Co. offers guilt-free, calorie counted fitness food. I’m 100% not the target market for this as I don’t think that guilt or calorie counting are helpful when it comes to eating, but I understand that those can be a necessary part of a fitness lifestyle. Nonetheless, they offer vegan options so we went to try them out.

The interior is a colourful industrial vibe with exposed white brickwork, metro tiles, greenery and neon lights. It was quite quiet when we visited so we could have grabbed a window seat for a spot of people watching but it was such a lovely day that we took our food to go and are outside The Steeple.

There are a couple of menus on the screens above the counter but you can order on the tablet nearer the door. It’s nice to be able to browse the vegan options on there, and there was quite a few. I went for the cookies and cream smoothie and a nourish box. You can pick your own protein, seasoning, sides and sauce, or there’s a list of Nourish box favourites to choose from.

I had the Vegan Spice box which was vegan piri chicken, spiced couscous, roasted veg and vegan garlic aioli. This was super tasty, the ‘chicken’ was vegan Quorn pieces which I hadn’t had in ages but they were nicely seasoned and went well with the garlic aioli. The smoothie was quite rich, made with a protein powder which wasn’t too obvious but it did taste kind of banana-y. I think I’d try the summer berry one next time.

Since our visit I noticed that they added vegan protein pancakes with toppings such as cinnamon and apple crumble or banoffee which both sound delicious. It’s great to have a healthy spot in the centre of town, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it even if you’re not into ‘fitness’ food.
Find The Nourish Takeout Co at 91 Nethergate, DD1 4DH