Rad Apples

Thursday 5 March 2020

Rad Apples sadly closed in June 2023

Oh Hello again!  We’ve had a little (long) break from blogging over the last few months, we have been so busy with work and I (Falda) have only been consuming bland, beige foods as a result of morning sickness until very recently! But what better way to kick off the blog again than with Rad Apples, another plant-based eatery, bar and venue in our very own sunny city.
Choice:★★★★★Staff Knowledge:★★★★★
Value for Money:★★★★★Overall:★★★
It was Jilly’s Birthday, so we had the perfect excuse to go and eat A LOT of delicious food!  Rad Apples is such an inviting place and although in the evening is a bar and venue I felt quite at home taking my little vegan (2 years) in and she loved having a wee dance to the music which was playing.

What can I say, this menu is ridiculously good, it's not huge which makes it super easy to read and decide what you would like to try, in saying that, there are SO many mouth-watering burger options to choose from.

I opted for the Mac N Cheese Burger, and it is not an exaggeration to say that this was the best burger I’ve had, my husband tried it a week later for his birthday (yes I went straight back) and he said it was the best burger he’d had (vegan or not) I had to share mine with a little vegan with a big appetite so I ordered a side of fries and garlic mayo- YUM!

Jilly went for the Mac N Bacon Sub, and wow it looked good, and she assured me it was delicious too! The macaroni is amazing.  Okay, so we were super hungry so decided to share the Poutine too, Jilly had tried before and said it was super tasty and she was right; skin-on fries with gravy, bacon bits and cheese style curds- JUST WOW!!! This dish would also be perfect if you're in for a drink as a bar snack.

This really is one of the best places we’ve tried, its really well priced and the food is incredible, the staff were so lovely and it was fantastic to be able to see the chef cooking our food while we waited.  I would absolutely recommend this to anyone.  I took my non-vegan in-laws in to try a burger and they loved it too!  We can’t wait to try even more from Rad Apples including the dessert menu or their supply of Daisy Bakes Cakes.

We are so excited to be back blogging and would love to hear from you guys, let us know if there’s anywhere you’d like us to review on Instagram @vegandundee.
51-53 Meadowside, DD1 1EQ

The Little Green Larder

Thursday 23 January 2020

The Little Green Larder is a fantastic addition to Dundee's independent shopping scene. They offer the ultimate zero waste shopping experience, with a huge range of plastic-free products from everyday essentials to more specialist vegan ingredients. Launched in July 2019 by Jillian, you'll find The Little Green Larder at 272 Perth Road - a lovely area for an afternoon of indie shopping. Jillian is obviously so passionate about sustainable living, it shines through in her efforts to source local produce and she's more than happy to help with any questions you might have about zero-waste swaps.

They have a super simple refill system. You can take along your own containers which you weigh first, fill up, then scan and reweigh. The prices are all very clear (and affordable!) and all of the vegan items are marked with a green dot, including tasty pick 'n' mix! The refillable range includes cereals, snacks, grains, pulses, spices, baking supplies, oils and even cleaning products. The Little Green Larder also stocks local fruit, vegetables and bread. If that's not enough for you, you'll even find a selection of plastic-free household goodies - from bathroom essentials to skincare!

Check out The Little Green Larder on social media to find out about upcoming events as they work to spread the word about sustainable living and become an important part of the Dundee vegan community.
272 Perth Road, DD2 1AE